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Ride with us every Tuesday.

Leave Saugatuck/Douglas area at 9:15am & Stay in Holland until 2:00pm


Leave Holland at 10:00am & Stay in Saugatuck/Douglas until 1:15pm

Call for reservations  269-857-1418

You Call, We Come!

Saugatuck to Holland

To visit Holland, please call 269-857-1418 to schedule your Saugatuck/Douglas pickup.  The Holland trip begins at one of the City Halls where you will be dropped off at the 8th Street Depot.  At the Depot, you can "Catch-A-MAX"  and go anywhere their route service or their Reserve a Max service goes.

Holland to Saugatuck

To visit Saugatuck/Douglas, please call 269-857-1418 to schedule your Holland pickup.  You will be picked up at the Holland 8th Street Train depot where you can ride to downtown Saugatuck or Douglas.  Other destinations are available using our Door to Door service.  

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